Anywaa Survival Organisation believes that education is a fundamental human right of all people without discrimination. This is based on the conviction that education transforms life at all levels of human development.

Education can play a crucial role in improving life conditions by reducing poverty, improving communication, and promoting gender equality. It also empowers community members and enables them to develop the skills necessary to overcome unemployment and make positive changes in their lives, and to the nation.

In pursuit of this goal we work both at the international level and in the UK to increase literacy and to improve peoples’ employment opportunities. We also¬†work with young people and children internationally to ensure that boys and girls get the best chances to realize their full potential with a view to achieving the education goals of the Untied Nations.

To achieve this international goal, we work with other institutions including local NGOs and community-based organizations to coordinate efforts in the provision of development in the education sector.

Photo: UNICEF Ethiopia/2014/Ayene