Our programs support the human right to land, health, education, and a dignified livelihood for indigenous communities and all people.

Health Services

In the developing world, the distribution of healthcare services is highly uneven among the population, and urban and rural regions. The need for non-governmental organisations to reach those most in need in rural and remote communities is vital.

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Anywaa Survival Organisation believes that education is a fundamental human right of all people without discrimination. This is based on the conviction that education transforms life at all levels of human development.

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Opportunities are limited for poor households in developing countries. The majority of the population either relies on underpaid employment in the public sector or on small-scale farming to earn meagre incomes for their families.

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Anywaa Survival Organisation has been playing a pivotal role in promoting human rights and advocating for good governance on behalf of Anywaa (Anuak) people internationally.

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