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Land Grabs

   Ethiopian government relocation site in Gambela region

   Ethiopian government relocation site in Gambela region
Indigenous peoples traditional famrlands and territories grabed
Indigenous peoples around the world value land rights and related resources. They form important cultural, spiritual and social identity and are vital sources of economic assets.

The key challenges facing indigenous peoples today are attempts by governments and multinational corporations to acquire large track of lands on indigenous peoples territories and traditional lands without their consents in the name of development. The low land Ethiopian territories have attracted multinational corporations’ attention in the recent years for agricultural investments, mining explorations and hydroelectric dams threatening the indigenous people’s livelihoods, natural environment, wild lives, various fish species and other related minerals vital for their survival.

In a remote Gambela and adjacent territories in Southern Peoples, Nations and Nationalities regions, today, thousands of hectares of land belonging to indigenous peoples have been leased out for fraction of dollars to foreign and national investors for agribusiness, mineral explorations, logging of forests, and constructions of hydroelectric dams without their prior consents, information, knowledge and consultation.

Indigenous peoples are forcefully evicted from their fertile ancestral lands, burial sites, and sacred places and are relocated to barren lands without adequate social and economic infrastructures to support their livelihoods, education, health, clean water and other vital needs.

Anywaa Survival Organisation-ASO works closely with the indigenous peoples affected by governments’ and multinational corporations’ efforts that deprive them important source of economic livelihood, natural environment, threatened wild lives and other alternatives sources of food supplies. ASO undertakes research, disseminate information, and raise awareness on the impacts of large development projects on indigenous people’s territories and lands.

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