Involving, Caring and Empowering Culture
  • Local farmers have been displaced by multinational corporation for agribusiness

  • Family left with nothing

  • Houses demolished to require more land

Land grabbing and force evictions in Ethiopia
While the world continue to support Ethiopian regime both financially and materially, Ethiopian authorities continue to repress, intimidate, harass, murder, torture and restrict freedom of movement of politically and numerically marginalised communities in the southern part of the country in the name of development..
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Karuturi Global is under investigations
Sources within the regional government of Gambela have confirmed to Anywaa Survival Organisation (ASO) that several foreign and national investors with large agricultural leases are being investigated for illegal activities, including corruption, environmental destruction, and failure to uphold the terms of their contracts..
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Ethiopian Development Destroying Lives
The beautiful Lower Omo Valley, in the south east of the country is home to a group of eight ancient tribes, indigenous people who have lived upon the land, for thousands of years, leading self-sufficient, simple lives in harmony with the environment. .
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Indian-Ethiopian Seminar Open to Investors and other Representatiives
The article by Metasebia Tadesse (‘How Ethiopians benefit from Indian (and other) land investors’, The Hindu, 27 Feb), in response to Ashish Kothari’s article on the subject (19 Feb), is a typical case of a defensive government fudging the facts. .
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Fight Against Land Grabbing

The key challenges facing indigenous peoples today are attempts by governments and multinational corporations to acquire large track of lands on indigenous peoples territories and traditional lands without their consents in the name of development.>> Find Out More
Education Change Lives of People

Education can play a crucial role in improving condition of life by reducing poverty, improving communications and promoting gender equality among the populations. It also empowers community members and enables them to develop necessary skills ... >> Find Out More

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Ethiopian farmer takes UK to court over 'brutal' resettlement policy
Legal battle launched after man claims he was evicted from his farm and beaten under villagisation scheme funded by UK aid
'Britain is supporting a dictatorship in Ethiopia'
It's 30 years since Ethiopia's famine came to attention in the UK. Now, a farmer plans to sue Britain for human rights abuses, claiming its aid has funded a government programme of torture and beatings as villagers have been removed from their homes

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