Involving, Caring and Empowering Culture
  • Local farmers have been displaced by multinational corporation for agribusiness

  • Family left with nothing

  • Houses demolished to require more land

Press Release
The Anywaa Survival Organization (ASO) and the Oakland Institute (OI) are calling for a fact finding mission and full independent inquiry by the UN Human Rights Commission and related UN Special Rapporteurs on Ethiopia’s human rights situation and the treatment of indigenous and minority peoples in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopian Government Campaign of Murder in Gambela
On Thursday, 11 September 2014 eight (8) Majengir ethnic were indiscriminately murdered in cold blood in their own ancestral land. The highlanders went door to door hunting for Majengir ethnic community and displaced more than 3000 Majengir people.

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Land grabbing fuelling violent conflict in Gambela region
The tragedy of violent conflict, ethnic tension, property destruction and loss of human lives are the result of government land grabbing policies and resettlement programmes that have deprived and dispossessed indigenous and minority peoples in remote areas such as Gambela where the Majang and Anywaa (Anuak) communities reside..
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Karuturi still going down
Karuturi Global Ltd, the Indian multinational that made its name in the global cut flower industry and recently acquired more than 300,000 ha in Ethiopia to produce food for foreign markets, is continuing its painful and massive decline. On 30 September 2014, its flower trading subsidiary in the Netherlands was declared bankrupt, while a Dutch industry source reports that one of its farms in Ethiopia has been sold to a company in Dubai. .
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Fight Against Land Grabbing

The key challenges facing indigenous peoples today are attempts by governments and multinational corporations to acquire large track of lands on indigenous peoples territories and traditional lands without their consents in the name of development.>> Find Out More
Education Change Lives of People

Education can play a crucial role in improving condition of life by reducing poverty, improving communications and promoting gender equality among the populations. It also empowers community members and enables them to develop necessary skills ... >> Find Out More

Top News

Ethiopia: World Bank Translator, Activists Face Trial
Ethiopian authorities should immediately drop all charges and release a former World Bank translator and two other local activists charged under Ethiopia’s repressive counterterrorism law after trying to attend a workshop on food security in Nairobi, six international development and human rights groups said today.
Exposed: Forced evictions in Ethiopia – what the UK government tried to cover up
The U.K. government tried to suppress evidence of gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia to appease the government there, a new investigation by Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has revealed.

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